Our 5th issue of Mutant (#4), our free annual anthology, debuts on Free Comic Book Day on May 4, 2013.

It clocks in at 48 pages, the cover is by the excellent Jimmy Giegerich and it features work by: Pat Aulisio, Josh Bayer, Stephen Blickenstaff, Box Brown, Haleigh Buck, Josh Burggraf, Ben Claassen III, Max Clotfelter, Mike Diana, Joe Decie, JT Dockery, Eroyn Franklin, Goose, Kelly Froh, Wes Goodwin, Dave Gunn, Kate Haberer, Katrin Hagen, Ayun Halliday, Jordan Jeffries, Luster Kaboom, Victor Kerlow, Ethan Krause, Alessa Kreger, Will Laren, Cody Pickrodt, Liz Prince, Ryan Onorato, Conor Stechschulte, Serial Killers Unite!, Cassie J. Sneider, Adam Tolman, Noah Van Sciver, Lale Westvind, and J.T. Yost.

Get it the first Saturday in May only at Atomic Books.